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Here at Painted Cats we have a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Import Export license and we can arrange shipping for your kitten.  We have placed kittens in the United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Brazil and Minsk.  Here in the United States our kittens are found in Georgia, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. Our cats can be found in many great Bengal breeding programs.

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Painted Cats is a small Bengal cattery located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I got started as a breeder after having 2 Bengals in my home. They were so smart and beautiful: I knew that I had to get involved with Bengal breeding - I spent the better part of a year talking to breeders around the world. I read everything I could and then I set out to find the best examples of Brown Spotted Bengals that I could find. I am very happy with the direction of my breeding program.

Once you have an experience with a Bengal you will be hooked. Bengals are smart, playful, able to fetch like a dog, and they like water. Unlike common cats, Bengals can be trained. They can also outsmart you at times. If you want a cat that is just going to sleep and hide under the couch, look somewhere else - Bengals are active, intelligent, and beautiful.  

There are many different kinds of bengals.  However, here at Painted Cats we concentrate on the rosetted brown spotted bengal.  

This cattery is TTF (TRITRICHOMONAS FOETUS) free.  Our cats are wormed for giardia and coccidia and they are veterinarian checked and vaccinated.  Our cats and kittens are also tested for FeLV, PK deficiency, microchipped and rabies vaccinated at 16 weeks.  All breeding cats are screened for HCM by a board certified cardiologist. All pet kittens come spayed and neutered.

Here is a video of our First Bengal stud Jordan fetching

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Breeding Typey Bengals with Large Rosettes

We are dual registered with TICA and CFA

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